Welcome to Episode 3 and what an inspiration; how to take a town and turn that frown upside down.

The Nambour Council meeting had a brilliant idea to put Nambour front and centre as world class tourist destination. We thought what if we could Noosify Nambour. The French Quarter of Curry Street, a nudist beach at Petrie Creek, we would rename it P Bay, an electric tram à la San Francisco up the main drag of Howard Street, truly inspiring stuff.

Uncle Howie and Cousin Kass fire up the truck and head down to Noosa to find out what other ideas would be useful to raise our Nambourian profile, and also poke fun at the local’s with their latte’s on the street cafe scene,and as luck would have it, Uncle Howie jagged and interview with the world renowned and well respected Cecil Poole, a well know Urban Planner and Futurist, an interview not to be missed …. watch out Noosa.

Here we go all tarted up wearing our best birthday clobber and ready to get Noosified.