Nambour, the once jewel in the crown of the beautiful Sunshine Coast, the sweet sugar sprinkles on the parfait that was Queensland’s fruit salad bowl of yore. These days a much derided poor cousin, whose fall from grace was as swift and as merciless as the sub tropical sun that bakes the tree fringed valley in which it’s nestled, its former glory gone, like the black snow that once settled on freshly laundered sheets, a blessed gift from the towns beating economic heart, the Sugar Mill.

But we Nambourines are made of sterner stuff; we know how to take a knock, and Phoenix like, rise from the ashes of the cane fire … mainly because we know how to laugh at ourselves.

Welcome to the NAMBOUR VARIETY SHOW, a riches to rags story of a Queensland Town dethroned from her lofty social perch by the ravages of economic consumerism, a lack of surf shops and a fickle tourism market.

Part entertainment, part social experiment, the Nambour Variety show seeks to reclaim her crown at least in part even if it is only digitally (for now). Like an olde radio show we seek to reveal and relive the shiny past and expose the struggling underbelly, with real stories and real people and at least one good actor.

Welcome to the Nambour Variety Show.

Episode 1 – Wish we could live in Nambour

Our first Episode opens the doors to an insider’s experience of the life in the former Sugar Bowl of the Sunshine Coast.

It includes a moving homage by Aunty Doreen (Annie Gaffney) dedicated to all of the Sunshine Coast babies born in Nambour Hospital. Some of these precious little bundles of joy are shipped off to the verdant hills of the 3M’s (Maleny. Montville and Mapleton). There were others who made the journey down the hills, through the lush meadows of green cane fields to have their toes lapped by the crystal blue waters of the Coral Sea. But most of all we dedicate this to all those babies whose delicate little backsides are sat up on the hard, sun-baked shale sides of the great depression that is the valley home of the real Nambourians….. READ MORE


Episode 2 – Back to Sugar Town

What was Nambour like in its heyday? Simply put, it was the capital and the heart of the Sunshine Coast. Back then, the now thriving tourist centers of Mooloolaba, Noosa and Maroochydore we’re midgie infested mangroves, with swimming and fishing spots, a few change sheds at the beach and fishing shacks, and those folk who lived at Woombye considered themselves as living by the beach.

Nambour was an industry hub, an economic powerhouse, the fruit salad bowl of South East Queensland, with its pineapples, avocados, bananas, produce of all varieties and yes, sugar cane. Nambour was a “Sugar Town”, a thriving metropolis, a bustling centre of excellence, but alas times change and the sweetness fell out of the sugar business, then the Mill left town….. READ MORE


Episode 3 – Noosafying Nambour

For all of our international listeners a little geography lesson,  Nambour is about 30 minutes from Noosa, everybody has heard of Noosa because they know how to market. Our team on the Nambour Podcast Council had a fantastic idea, Lets Noosify Nambour.

Everything was on the table, from the French Quarter of Curries Street to reclaiming the Nude Olympics our team was willing to try it all, so we sent our intrepid researchers Uncle Howie and Cousin Kass on a road trip to Noosa.

From the shallows of Noosa’s “Hastings Street”, to the Nude Beaches of A Bay and back to the deep heart that is Nambour our intrepid team left no stone unturned…… READ MORE


Episode 4 – Nambour by Night

What happens when a town goes from riches to rags, it’s not very pretty. But behind the empty shops and dusty doorways there is a tale. In episode 4 we go looking for Nambour’s lost nightlife, from it’s heyday the town has fallen far & the nightlife is slim, but it’s there.

Nambour is not only filled with great stories it has super heroes of all ilk and it is clearly willing to take a gamble on itself.

This episode we delve deep into Nambour’s arty underground, the streetscape of buskers and homelessness and what it used to be like when all the lights in Currie Street shone……. READ MORE


Episode 5 – Nambour The End of the Line

Nambour is 101km’s north of Brisbane, that’s a long time to sit on a train without a toilet.

The Nambour Train station is a place that brings a tear to the eyes, tears of relief as weary, crossed legged travelers can’t wait for the conductor to call out “Nambour, Nambour Station” … but of course, if you’re traveling on to Gympie you have to be quick.

Episode 4 is in Pre Product but we have some fun things to explore, tales of train travel & what it meant to travel to the big smoke. Uncle Howie & Cousin Kass check in with those weary travelers and cross life to Nambour Train Station for an End of the Line special….. READ MORE