Welcome to Episode One and we are so excited to share some Nambour Variety with you.

Our first Episode opens the doors to an insider’s experience of the life in the former Sugar Bowl of the Sunshine Coast.

It includes a moving homage by Aunty Doreen (Annie Gaffney) dedicated to all of the Sunshine Coast babies born in Nambour Hospital. Some of these precious little bundles of joy are shipped off to the verdant hills of the 3M’s (Maleny. Montville and Mapleton). There were others who made the journey down the hills, through the lush meadows of green cane fields to have their toes lapped by the crystal blue waters of the Coral Sea. But most of all we dedicate this to all those babies whose delicate little backsides are sat upon the hard, sun-baked shale sides of the great depression that is the valley home of the real Nambourians.

We also have an interview with Raine Skinner about what it was like going to school with the illustrious Kevin Rudd and indomitable Wayne Swan .. (we even managed an interview with Kevin Rudds press secretary – we think Kevin is waiting to see if the show floats first).

A Sneak Peak

Our roving reporter has been out on the sugar coated streets of sweet Nambour Town asking Nambourians what it is about Nambour that grows world leaders .. (Of course we’re talking about the almost Secretary-General of the United Nations and former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and the World’s Best Treasurer Wayne Swan) … some of the responses are quite deep and insightful, whilst others are simply colourful.

Meanwhile, in the council meeting, discussions are being had and decisions are being made about how to cope with the influx of outsiders into our town. The building of a wall was discussed, along with tougher immigration measures, increased local knowledge testing, vaccines and other ways to protect our pristine Nambourian lifestyle.

After all, “Don’t you wish you lived in Nambour?”

And just below we anticpiate you will find the Episode 1 right here, so long as the sound guy has it sorted.

Episode 1 Credits:

Audio production and sound engineering/arrangement – Hamish Sewell
Aunty Doreen – Annie Gaffney
Monologues – Annie Gaffney
Uncle Howie – Samyo Dalgarno
Cussie Kassie – Kassy Abriola
Nambour Song – written and performed by Jamie Dunn
Nambour Song (the other one) – Michelle Bradford Jones
Kevin and Wayne skit – by Rainee Skinner and Glenda Sullivan
Nambour Trolley Boy – Written and spoken by Ian Mackay
Original music and performance by The Lots and Rufus Lane
Audio arrangements by Michael Cheetham
Fiona Sugden – former Communications Director for Kevin Rudd
Nambour council skit: Rainee Skinner, Samyo Dalgarno, Glenda Sullivan & Mike Lean