What was Nambour like in its heyday? Simply put, it was the capital and the heart of the Sunshine Coast.

Back then, the now thriving tourist centres of Mooloolaba, Noosa and Maroochydore we’re midgie infested mangroves, with swimming and fishing spots, a few change sheds at the beach and fishing shacks, and those folk who lived at Woombye considered themselves as living by the beach.

Nambour was an industry hub, an economic powerhouse, the fruit salad bowl of South East Queensland, with its pineapples, avocados, bananas, produce of all varieties and yes, sugar cane. Nambour was a “Sugar Town”, a thriving metropolis, a bustling centre of excellence, but alas times change and the sweetness fell out of the sugar business, then the Mill left town.

Since 2003 Nambour has done it a bit tough, but beneath its rough and rugged exterior it’s sweet, sugary, friendly heart beats strong and in Episode 2 we go “Back to Sugar Town”.

Here’s a sneak peak…

Aunty Doreen has another fine piece of prose celebrating the black snow that used to fall on fresh white sheets.

The Council decides to bring back Miss Sugar, but what does that actually mean in a PC LGBTQI friendly 2017. Does it mean Mr Sugar, Messers Sugar or Gay Sugar?

And Uncle Howie and Cousin Kass pound the pavement, looking for locals and testing their knowledge to see if they are REAL locals. With questions like; “What is Bergas” & “What year did the Sugar Mill close” … Because a real Nambourian remembers the year the towns wallet was stolen.

Right here is where you will find Episode 2, all at least we’re pretty sure this is where you will find it.