Our Story

The Nambour Variety Show is the brainchild of Hamish Sewel an award winning freelance radio producer and oral historian. Over a coffee with Uncle Howie to discuss funny voices for radio a plot was hatched to have a go at creating a radio podcast to shine a light on the forgotten jewel of the Sunshine Coast, Nambour … yes Nambour.

A few meetings later, a story well pitched, some enthusiastic volunteers, a couple of wines and a script with more holes in than a spaghetti strainer and ta-dah The Nambour Variety Show was born.

Yes Nambour, that forgotten stalwart of the Sunshine Coast, these days disparagingly referred to as Inala of the North, Ipswich by the Sea or Woodridge by the Beach, we Namborians are a rugged lot with broad shoulder and proud of our town and its reputation, and where one person see’s trash we see a true “Diamond in the Rough”.

So in fine Australian tradition, we decided to laugh off the moniker assigned to us by those with less than perfect understanding, shake off the black rain of past cane fires off the sheets and take the piss out of ourselves, and show the rest of the world, that Nambour is just the perfect place to be.

But before we begin, we suggest you boil the jug, pour yourself a cup of what it is that takes your fancy, add a couple of sugars, grab your headphones a comfy chair and prepare yourself because our Nambourian adventures have only just begun.

Grand Premiere of the Nambour Variety Show








Exciting news, we put the official launch back just a little to allow us little more time to truly hone the episodes and to coincide with the Horizon Festival. We are going to launch with a live episode at The Black Box Theatre on the 2nd of September.at 7.00pm .. Tickets available at the door. $10.00 (Olde school Nambour Money)