Teasers, Sneak Peaks and Snippets

Want to wet your appetite? We have a few sneak peaks and funny bits for you.

Right now we are in pre-production of the first 4 pilot episodes and apart from having a whole heap of fun we have managed to get some great stories from local residents about what life was like in Nambour & some of the day to day funny things that give Nambour its colorful identity … here are a few for you to get you interested.


Stay tuned & watch for our release date, we hope to have a lot more fun with The Nambour Variety Show.

Grand Premiere of the Nambour Variety Show








Exciting news, we put the official launch back just a little to allow us little more time to truly hone the episodes and to coincide with the Horizon Festival. We are going to launch with a live episode at The Black Box Theatre on the 2nd of September.at 7.00pm .. Tickets available at the door. $10.00 (Olde school Nambour Money)